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Zoom, or Zoom In, is one of the powers available to Joe and Silvia. It is always the last power to unlock.


In Viewtiful Joe and Viewtiful Joe 2, Zoom will give a close-up of the character while they strike a pose. All normal and minor enemies will freeze in fear while zoomed in. Damage dealt while Zoom is activated will be increased by 50%. Zoom will also give you access to five new attacks:

  • Red Hot One Hundred (Joe only)
    • Replaces Joe's punch with a flurry of punches that can be held down
  • Shoulder Thrust (Silvia only)
    • Replaces Silvia's gunshot with a powerful hip charge that does massive damage
  • 360° Kick
    • Replaces Joe's kick with a vertical spin-kick
    • Replaces Silvia's kick with a full front-flip attack resembling an axe kick
  • Drill Jump
    • Replaces the normal jump and double jump with a spinning attack that can be aimed in three directions
  • Zoom Stomp
    • While falling, zoom in to perform a powerful stomp attack that does radial damage
  • Fire Drill (Joe only)
    • Zoom in while performing a Red Hot Kick, causing Joe to suddenly go into a drill kick while surrounded by an aura of fire
  • Lightning Drill (Silvia only)
    • Zoom in while performing a Cool Blue Kick, causing Silvia to suddenly go into a drill kick while surrounded by an aura of lightning

In the anime, Zoom allows Joe to find his enemy's weak spot.

In Viewtiful Joe: Red Hot Rumble, Zoom causes the character to grow several times in size, making their attacks stronger and their defense higher.


  • The Red Hot One Hundred consist of four different punches, repeated infinitely. The fourth punch has the thumb and pinky finger extended.
  • In the English anime, Joe would activate Zoom by shouting "Z-Zoom". Captain Blue never did this, instead just shouting "Zoom".
  • Joe rarely used Zoom in the anime. Him and Captain Blue both used it in their final battle, but neither of them used it to search for the other's weak spot.
  • Despite Zoom having a completely different use in the anime, Joe is seen using the 360° Kick in episode 5 and the Zoom Stomp in multiple episodes.
  • The only two characters whose weak spots were revealed were Joker (he has a ticklish ribcage) and Hulk Davidson (he has an over-sensitive toe)
  • Non-canonically, Alastor and Dante can both use Zoom.
  • If done right, a Slowed Red Hot One Hundred can defeat Gran Bruce in a matter of seconds, not even giving him the chance to attack.
    Red Hot One Hundred
  • In Viewtiful Joe: Double Trouble, despite not being able to use Zoom, Joe can still purchase the Red Hot One Hundred and can use it while in Slide. However, in this game, it consists of only two hard punches in a row, instead of a constant chain attack.
    • The Red Hot One Hundred's description makes a reference to Zero Wing by quoting the line "for great justice".

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