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The V-Watch
Vital statistics
Effects User becomes a super-hero
Source Given to Joe by Captain Blue at the beginning of the series
Cost to buy
Cost to sell

The V-Watch (V-ウォッチ) is a watch that gives the super-heroes of Movieland their powers. The V-Watch doesn't work outside of Movieland, unless a V-Cam is used to film a person with a V-Watch.

People who have a V-Watch[]


Joe transforming using the V-Watch.


Blue Jr.'s "V-YoYos"


  • The only time that the V-Watch is shown on the outside of Joe's glove, was when Hulk Davidson saw it and asked if he was "some kind of mega-man or something", a reference to Mega Man, another Capcom character.
  • Dante refers to the V-Watch as "Bangle of Time". This is an actual item in Devil May Cry. It also appears in Bayonetta as a "Bracelet of Time".
  • The V-Watch that was used to transform into Viewtiful Joe was a reference to Super Sentai shows starting from Sun Vulcan in which the show adapts the use of a transformation watches unlike in previous Super Sentai shows.