Vital statistics
Title None
Gender Male
Race Ghost-like creature
Faction Non-affiliated
Health High
Level Les Acteurs Incroyable
Status Alive
Location Captain Blue's Movie Studio

Tsukumo is a ghost-like creature who only appears in Viewtiful Joe: Red Hot Rumble. He is a combination of spirits living within various film equipment and Bloody Rachel.


Much of Tsukumo's origin is unknown, though at some point, several spirits came together within a studio using for filming and producing movies. They subsequently possessed the film equipment as their new individual homes and over time, began to think and act as a collective consciousness.


He is haunting the movie set where Captain Blue is filming his new movie. At first his presence goes unnoticed, but over the course of the game's Story Mode, he silently arranges for the picture to be sabotaged by stealing and replacing props, and putting the crew in increasingly dangerous situations. He is enraged that all the mechanical cameras, microphones, and other movie-making devices are never given an actual role in the very movies they help to make.

In the final level, Tsukumo possesses Bloody Rachel to gain a physical presence and engages Joe's group in a short fight after revealing his intentions to forcefully replace them in their roles. After Bloody Rachel is defeated, Tsukumo's essence pours forth from her body and absorbs the surrounding equipment of the studio in a dark whirlwind. Tsukumo then emerges forth as a towering metallic monster that resembles a cross between a robot and a space alien, with Rachel floating within a large pink orb set in his abdomen. The final battle then takes place against the gang and the giant Tsukumo.

After being defeated, Joe explains that they play an integral part in the process, so he leaves happily. Blue, meanwhile, decides to make Tsukumo the star of his picture, much to everyone's surprise.


The best character for taking out Tsukumo is Captain Blue Jr.. Dodge his attacks and counter with Cyclone. His attacks are fairly predictable, and he remains vulnerable for a slightly long amount of time afterwards.


"I hate you!"

-When performing his Robot Summon and Electric Wave attack

"I'll destroy you!"

-When performing his Black Hole Attack

"Don't throw me away..."

-When Tsukomo is defeated


  • Due to him actually being made up of several filming equipment structures, he refers to himself as "we".

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