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Slow Red Hot Kick

Joe using a slowed Red Hot Kick

Slow is one of the VFX powers. It is usable by all wielders of the V-Watch, namely Viewtiful Joe, Sexy Silvia, and Captain Blue. It slows down everything around him and is used for combat and puzzle solving.

Effects of Slow[]

  • While in Slow, damage dealt by Joe will be doubled.
  • Enemies with armor that can't be hurt with normal attacks can be damaged.
  • Slow allows Joe to automatically dodge most attacks. There are a few exceptions though, such as lightning based attacks.
  • Slow is also used for Rock-On combos. Any stunned enemies will have a target reticle placed on them. Hitting an enemy that is targeted will deal massive damage and send them flying. After hitting a targeted enemy, all enemies, regardless of when they appear, will obtain a target reticle as long as Joe remains in Slow.
  • Slow also has various effects on the the environment, like slowing down rotors or increasing eruptions.
  • Joe's attack range slightly increases while using Slow.


  • Even though Joe is also affected by Slow, he can still run at normal speed when used in tandem with Mach Speed. This will not effect his jumping or attacking speed.