Red Hot Kick

Joe performing the Red Hot Kick

The Red Hot Kick is Viewtiful Joe's signature move. Joe uses this attack in every game he's ever appeared in.


The Red Hot Kick can be purchased for 8000 V-Points. To use it, simply press down and kick while mid-air. The attack can be canceled at any time by using any other attack. Red Hot Kick can be used up to two times before touching the ground, bouncing off of any enemies it hits. Activating Zoom while performing a Red Hot Kick will change the attack into the Fire Drill attack, increasing the strength of the attack and setting enemies on fire. However, there is no way to cancel the Fire Drill.


  • This attack seems to be based on the Rider Kick from Kamen Riders.
  • In the Bayonetta games, the titular character can learn a technique called "Afterburner Kick" which is visually identical to the Red Hot Kick.
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