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Movieland in the anime.

Movieland is the world of movies that Viewtiful Joe and Silvia are taken to through the screen at Jet Black's theatre.


Joe and Silvia were on a date, but to Silvia's dismay, Joe got to pick the movie. They ended up going to see the movie "Captain Blue", a superhero movie about a character of the same name, and Joe's favorite. Unexpectedly, during the movie a mysterious figure appears and defeats Captain Blue. It reaches out of the screen and grabs Silvia. Six Majin tries to stop it, but the figure knocks the machine out of the movie and flees. Six Majin picks up Joe and takes him into Movieland.

Jadow's Master Plan[]

  • As revealed by Alastor:
    • "For many years we have fought against Captain Blue for control of the world of Movieland. However, it has recently been brought to our attention that this world may, in fact, be fictional. If celluloid should become obsolete, we too will be destined to lie forever on the cutting room floor of history. In order to counter this threat, we have made a bold plan to break through the silver screen and take over the world beyond Hollywood...The key to our success lies in the D.N.A. of the creator, as long as we have that D.N.A. in our possession, we'll be able to come and go at will in the world of humans, which is why we need the girl."


Viewtiful theatre
  • In the game Dead Rising, Frank West is trapped in a mall with thousands of zombies. The theatre section of the mall is called "Movieland", and even has one screening room where most of the chairs are missing, possibly a reference to Jet's theatre getting trashed by Six Majin.