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Killer Hands is the boss of Horror World, Killer Hands has many different weapons at the tips of his hands with which to fight.



He first appears as a boss in scene 2-18. He then reappears in scene 5-3.


Watch his hands as he attacks and that will give away his next attack slightly. He will sometimes equip two weapons, which means he may do one of two moves. His rushing blade combo and tazer attacks are the only moves that can be dodged. As he leans back to attack, look to see which weapon he is readying to know what to expect. During his dive attack you can Split the screen and move him further ahead of you so he will miss you. His major weakness is available as he changes his weapons. Use Slow then immediately switch the screens with Slide, and then Touch him to stun him. You can also get a few Slow punches in on him from behind during his jumping hammer strike if you manage to run underneath him. Once you see his major weakness he can be taken down pretty quickly, but his attacks are very quick, so be sure to watch his hands carefully to see his equipped weapon.



  • This character is probably based on Edward Scissorhands

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