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Jefferson Buik is a anime exclusive character in the Viewtiful Joe anime.


Jefferson Buik is one of very few characters to actually be from the real world. He was part of Blue's movie crew but was taken into the film like Sprocket. He became the most wanted fugitive in all of Movieland.


Jefferson Buik appeared in the episode "The Fugitive From Beyond the Screen" were he discovered Jadow's plan. He was searching for the new hero to tell it to. He met Joe in a forest were Joe tried to show off. Jefferson Buik however was more interested in Jr. Suddenly Red Leader attacked them with a group of Bianky's. Joe and Jr fought them off, while Buik took this as a chance to escape. Buik is then seen walking through a cave remembering his time working for Blue and thinking about a classic hero. When he reaches the end it turns out to be a cliff. Commander Red appears in a helicopter ready to attack.