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Jasmine Black is a character from Viewtiful Joe. She is the daughter of Jet Black and Junko, and the sister of the hero of the games, Viewtiful Joe.

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Vital statistics
Title Jasmine
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction Faction
Health Health
Level Level
Status Status
Location Location

Jasmine is a tomboy that helps her older brother Joe in battles. Her Mother passed away right after she was born. She is very serious when it comes to battle.


In Viewtiful Joe: Double Trouble, Jasmine is an aspiring actress, who has landed a role in an upcoming Captain Blue film. Joe is often seen fighting and bickering with his sister, but when the going gets tough, she is there with a helping hand. She is often found hiding in the background. Slide & Touch her (on the Nintendo DS) to get a Cheeseburger, a V-Impact, or some other helpful item. Jasmine also joins in the fighting with her disc that she stumbled upon in Miniature World. If the player holds the Attack button, she throws it out. It fires at any enemies hanging around.


Jasmine is a teenage girl with fair skin, light blue eyes, light freckles, and rose colored lips. Like her father and brother, she also has red hair. Her hair is styled into spiky pigtails with a swept bang to the left, and straight cut locks framing her face. Her outfit in human form consists of a yellow long sleeved shirt with a collar along with a green tie, a pleated green plaid skirt with black shorts underneath, and red and white high top shoes. She also wears silver earrings, black sunglasses with orange lenses on her head, and a brown backpack.

When receiving a V-watch at the end, she uses it to transform and gains a superhero costume. Her costume is rather similar to Sexy Silvia's, albeit having a different color scheme and differently shaped skirt. She wears a sleeveless light pink skirted leotard with a white V-neck and high neck section, a flower petal-shaped skirt (alluding to her name), a white belt with a gold buckle, long white gloves, and white long heeled go-go boots. She also dons a matching light pink helmet with white edges, a rose pink visor, and two pink openings for her pigtails.


"Junshin-a-go-go, baby!"


  • All members of her family have first names that start with J.
  • Youngest Female in the game
  • Jasmine receiving her V-watch and superhero transformation at the end of her debut game is similar to how Silvia received her V-watch and superhero transformation at the end of the first game.


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