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Jadow Symbol

Jadow is the sinister organization that Joe initially fights in the first game, and in the anime series.


Jadow is an evil organization that seeks to take over Movieland. The members also appear as playable characters and bosses in Viewtiful Joe: Red Hot Rumble. Their forces are many and their influence is wide.


They are secretly led by Blue, but their members are made up of.

  • King Blue - King Blue is the founder of the evil Jadow organization.
  • Sprocket - King Blue's second-in-command. She was made specifically for the anime and appeared in "Red Hot Rumble."
  • Aquatic Terror Gran Bruce - A shark-like agent with an Australian accent, who is lower on the intelligence scale than most of the other Jadow.
  • Biankies - They serve at the foot soldiers of Jadow.