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He doesn't look like he's from around here...
Vital statistics
Title Flaties
Gender Male
Race Robot
Faction Gedow
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Flat-M3's (a.k.a. "Flaties") are Gedow's foot-soldiers and are very similar to Biankies in many ways.


The basic Flaty is no different from Jadow's Bianky. They will often attack in groups and attempt to flank Joe or Silvia from both sides. Any combat strategy is generally effective.

In later areas, Flaties will hold weapons to throw at the heroes, such as axes, boomerangs, and fire bombs. These can be knocked out of their hands with a single Slow-boosted punch or kick. Other Flaties will hold shields, which they will hide behind but can be goaded to drop their guard by making them counterattack after they block a punch. Flaties holding spiked shields will instead counter a punch by ramming Joe, requiring alternate tactics.

Multiple variations of Flaty will appear to match the theme of the current stage.

  • Box Flaty: A weaker version of Flaty that is essentially a box with arms and legs. They have almost no defensive power and are easily destroyed, but their smaller frames make them harder to hit.
  • Sly-Sli: A Flaty with claws in place of normal hands. They will attempt to slide and grab Joe or Silvia by their ankles, holding them in place so that other enemies can attack.
  • Flaty Barubaro: Flaties dressed in tribal outfits, often armed with aexs and wooden shields.
  • Flaty Polico: Dressed as police officers, these Flaties use energy shields and guns.
  • Flaty Goyo: They wear samural clothing and will frequently use boomerangs and fire bombs. Occasionally, they'll attempt a roundhouse kick.
  • Flaty Eskimo: Seen in frozen areas and dressed appropriately, they use iron shields (some spiked) and fire bombs.
  • Flaty Submariner: They appear on hoverboards to bombard Six Machine with various objects while underwater.


Flaties appear throughout Viewtiful Joe 2 and season 2 of the anime series. They also appear in Red Hot Rumble.

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