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Captain Blue Jr.
Captain Blue Jr

Vital statistics
Title Captain Blue Jr.
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Hero
Health Health
Level Level
Status Status
Location Movieland
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Captain Blue Jr. (キャプテン ブルー ジュニア) or better known as Junior is a character who originated in the Viewtiful Joe anime.


Another self-proclaimed hero worshipper like Joe, only younger. He lived in Blue Town, which was named after Captain Blue, serving as its protector. Junior eagerly awaited for Captain Blue to return and give him his own V-Watch.


He was Captain Blue's successor until Joe comes along, and because Joe is the one who receives Blue's V-Watch, he is very jealous of Joe. Despite his jealousy, Junior decides to be Joe's sidekick and offered his knowledge of Movieland as a helping hand.

Junior is offered a V-Watch but refuses, so Blue just gave Junior a small case that contains two V-Yo-Yos that allow him to transform. Captain Blue Jr. appeared in a game for the very first time in Viewtiful Joe: Red Hot Rumble. He uses many yo-yo based attacks. Appropriately, his transformation phrase is "Henshin a Yo-Yo Ball Baby!".



"Henshin a Yo-Yo Baby!"



Captain Blue Jr's Henshin


  • Junior is the youngest hero in the franchise to be able to transform.

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